Pay Transparency & Talent Pipeline Hiring with PepsiCo 10/6

As a Fortune 50 company, PepsiCo’s pay equity goals are in line with the statement they made in 2016, when they signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge. As part of this pledge, PepsiCo set a goal to implement a comprehensive, global annual review process to support pay equity for women. Lisa Ashworth, Senior Director, FLNA HR at PepsiCo joins this installment in our series to share how they’ve increased the rigor of the pay equity review processes, as part of the pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) ambition.

PepsiCo hasn’t just rallied for pay equity, but also boasts a robust talent pipeline, and Ms. Ashworth will share how PepsiCo has built this pipeline by offering opportunities to grow and expand along with providing resources to improve performance and leadership skills.

Mark your calendars for this inspiring conversation and bring your triumphs, challenges, and questions for a lively discussion amongst like-minded peers.

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