I have received a couple of tech stack inventories and am looking forward to receiving more over the next two weeks.

With that in mind, we are rescheduling the November virtual meeting to December 18 th so that we can have time to consolidate the inventories you share.


Here’s a reminder our ask of each other:


  • Document Tech Stack inventory from each Board member (send directly to me)
    • Including both core tech and periphery
      • Nice to have information:
        • When implemented (year)?
        • Rating
          • Would be great to know things like:
            • Are you getting value?
            • Is the functionality too limited?
            • Etc.
    • REMINDER – the details provided by you will only be shared within our TA Board.
  • i4cp will aggregate results and share back with entire Board
  • i4cp will organize time to discuss current state vs. future roadmap


Please feel free to provide additional suggestions on the above to make this effort valuable for you. 

Thanks in advance for your efforts on this!


Mark Walker