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Talent Acquisition During the Great Reshuffle

In our June session, we covered:

  1. TA burnout and turnover – The Great Reshuffle is having an outsized impact on TA with LinkedIn reporting in the summer of 2021, they had more recruiter roles posted than software engineering roles. The high volumes of hiring have also led TA leaders to report burnout. We discussed creative solutions for retaining talent and providing options to relieve burnout.
  2. Demand Plans / Workforce Planning – How does TA gather demand planning information? As HR and Talent Management complete the ‘build/buy/borrow’ conversation with the business, what details come to TA, and how is the information used to capacity plan and built proactive talent pipelines. How can TA begin to build the capabilities of the future to deliver on business needs?
  3. Recent Research – There was a recent NPR story about UPS doing 30-minute hires. What does that imply for high-volume hiring? How might TA leaders take advantage of this type of speed to hire for specific roles. 
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