Seattle CHO Group: How Enterprise Leaders Build Game-Changing Organizations

Can you tackle the complexities of change when your organization’s C Suite needs to confront embedded tensions?

Learn to mitigate the problems intrinsic to companies undergoing transformation in shifting times.

Achieve your organization’s ambitious goals to sustain growth over time and forge strategies driven by purpose, focused performance, and solid principles. Your plans may concern large-scale transformations or an enterprise-wide pursuit of an ambitious vision initiated by the C Suite—regardless, conditions nearly universal in today’s economic climate necessitate a prompt and responsible solution.


Our next CHO Group seminar presents Doug Ready, who will leverage his careful research, professional practice, and publications with leading companies worldwide to identify particular skill sets and attitudes enterprise leaders now require to lead high-achieving, purposeful companies driven by shared core values.

As you’ll discover, Doug's research reveals that skillsets alone don’t cut it—while what does make a difference is cultivating enterprise leadership to adapt and change. Please attend the CHO session and find out if learning perspective, context, resiliency, and identifying a greater sense of community makes sense for you.