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Network Analysis for Business Performance Session 6: Panel Discussion/Your questions answered about implementing ONA

The wrap-up to the “ Network Analysis for Business Performance” series brings together five top ONA experts to share their experiences and answer some of the more challenging questions about how to implement ONA. Learners benefit from the variety of opinions and the group dialogue on topics such as communicating about ONA, measuring business impact, and making complex ONA findings easily consumable, as well as the opportunity to pose questions how best to implement ONA in their own organizations.

Featuring: Rob Cross, Babson College; Peter Gray, University of Virginia; Inga Carboni, William & Mary School of Business; Sal Parise, Babson College; and Jean Singer, Collaborative Analytics


Network analytics are fast becoming an essential competency for organizations that want to understand how their informal networks function and manage them to drive change, fuel innovation and develop talent. This series of six webinars will provide you with foundational skills in designing, conducting and managing organizational network analyses. Instructors will share models, techniques, and success factors honed from years of experience across a wide range of practical, business-driven applications.

The sessions include how to manage an ONA to maximize business impact; how to choose the best approach for data capture from both survey and social media-based options; designing effective instruments for data capture; generating visual and quantitative analytics; running predictive analytics from network data, and communicating network insights to stakeholders. Also included is step-by-instruction on how to use three of the leading network analysis software packages: UciNet, NetDraw, and NodeXL.

Who should attend:

  • Professionals in People Analytics, Human Resources, or Knowledge Management interested in gaining hands-on capability to conduct all or part of ONA studies.
  • Professionals with responsibility for overseeing ONA projects who want more in-depth understanding of the process.
  • Managers interested in exploring network data on their own.

You can attend all six webinars or select those most suited to your needs.