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MIT on the Surprising Role of Peer Coaching Driving DE&I Success

Traditional diversity and inclusion initiatives simply don’t work, new research from MIT and accomplished researcher Rob Cross clearly outlines.

MIT recently published Rob Cross’s findings in partnership with Kevin Oakes and i4cp, based on analysis of over 20 years of data, showing that an employee's internal network is the key to realizing inclusion.

Join a conversation between Rob Cross and Imperative's Aaron Hurst, where they'll discuss how to create and sustain the type of internal networks needed for inclusive cultures to last, while supporting employees to feel more fulfilled & productive and have longer tenure.

After this webinar, you'll walk away with:

  • Understanding of how traditional diversity and inclusion training falls short
  • Insight into the type of internal networks needed to create sustainable and authentic inclusion
  • Actionable ideas to create and sustain these types of networks at your organization