Managing Networks in the Social Organization, 10/24

Informal networks are important, providing a basis for organisational social capital and holistic business performance. These days there are also increasing opportunities to formalise the most important or strategic networks too and to use these alongside or instead of traditional functions and projects. These networks need to be managed or perhaps facilitated in a very light touch way but can still be used and supported to harness expertise, manage change and produce other contributions for a business.

An organisational focus on networks rather than just vertical functions or horizontal project teams also has consequences for workplace design, the selection and use of enterprise social networks, HR practices and leadership behaviours, etc. These formal networks also still depend on the use of techniques like organisational network analysis to fully understand and improve them. 

In this presentation strategic HR consultant Jon Ingham will build upon the approach described in his recent book book ‘The Social Organization’ to explain why and how businesses need to focus on, analyse and develop the relationships and networks between people as well as the individuals themselves.

About Jon Ingham

Jon is a people and organization strategy consultant. He helps companies innovate their management and development approaches responding to changes in the world of work and also to tie more closely to their own strategic needs. Much of his work is informed by a strong belief in the potential offered from a smarter investment in people and the consequent opportunity to create new value for a business, including through the creation of human and social capital. He is based in the UK but has worked with companies in the US, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia and Australia. 
Jon has previously worked as a chemical engineer, an IT consultant, and an international HR director. He has BA in Psychology, a Masters in Engineering and an MBA. He has frequently been recognized a leading influencer in HR and talent management.
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