Discussion with Alexis Fink

A fascinating conversation with people analytics leader Alexis Fink was the highlight of our December meeting.  Alexis has led people analytics teams at several major tech companies and has conducted extensive work in organizational transformation, organizational culture, leadership assessment, and the application of advanced analytics methods to human capital problems. Author of two books, Alexis is also the President of SIOP, SIOP fellow, and she is recipient of SIOP's Distinguished Services Award (2019), Alexis was also the chair of the IT Survey Group, an industry consortium dedicated to employee surveys. During the December i4cp People Analytics Board meeting, Alexis joined us for a conversation about top-of-mind issues in people analytics and shared her perspective on where people analytics is going and what organizations can do to ensure they get there.

The i4cp Boards are reserved exclusively for the most senior HR executives in organizations. Each Board is designed to serve as a true Board of Directors for the function and ensure its members are in the driver seat of organizational innovation.

This meeting is exclusively for members of the People Analytics Board. If you'd like to participate, please contact us to see if you qualify. If you are an i4cp member, please log in to access the registration/meeting details.
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