i4cp Flash Call: Leveraging Workday in your Talent Review Process

What is the best way to use Workday's Talent Review feature? Members recently explored this question on the Expert Network in this popular thread. To dive deeper, organizations met to discuss this topic, and learn more about the best way to leverage this product.

Organizations like Axis, GE Appliances, and Sysco discussed creating user friendly processes that drive development and business decisions. Additionally, participants determined which components of Workday are being used to run these processes.

Top 4 take-aways: 

Poll Results i4cp’s Senior Research Analyst, Mollie Lombardi, conducted an instant poll during the call. Results showed most participants were in the ideation stage of implementing Workday for their talent review process and looking to learn more about the feature.

Approach with Talent Reviews – Axis and GE Appliances shared their approaches to talent reviews. Although the organizations have very different approaches, both were still able to leverage Workday, finding the balance between the technology as delivered, and the processes that fit their organizations.

It’s good to remember that a tool alone won’t fix a problem, it has to be a tool enabling a well-considered business process – one that may even change over time, so the technology can’t get in the way.

Next Level Ownership –Organizations are exploring self-paced talent reviews where employees have ownership over career conversations, while managers maintain ownership over performance. This allows an ad hoc assessment of potential when employees are ready to move.

Not a Label – Organizations are moving away from the 9-box approach and labels to embrace where employees are in their career today, may not be where they are tomorrow. Expecting potential assessments to change over time reduces employee pressure and data stored.

Most used features:

Call participants shared which Workday elements they use in their talent review process. See below to view the most common.

  • Journeys
  • Talent Profiles
  • Talent Cards
  • Calibration
  • Succession Pools
  • Succession Plans
  • Career Hub
  • Assess My Team’s Potential

Great comments we heard: 

“At Ecolab, we use succession plans and succession pools globally. The succession plans are owned by our leaders and managed in Workday by HR team members. We try to capture all roles that we succession plan for, which are mostly critical roles, of director level, and above.

For succession pools, we use them for high impact roles or group of roles that exist across multiple teams. Right now, we are using them for General Manager and Key Account Sales roles. Overall, we use pools to increase visibility of talent across multiple teams.”

Sofia Ramos, Talent & Organization Development Manager, Ecolab