It's time to start getting prepared for a new year of CHRO Next Board activity. As a fellow HR leader, I am (like you) always looking for resources that stretch my thinking and help build on better human capital practices. Recently, Forbes Magazine declared: 

"In 2020, organizations will need to create positive employee experiences that make employees feel valued, appreciated, and energized to invest their entire selves in the workplace. “Employee experience” will expand and elevate to a “human experience.”When employees experience higher levels of humanity at work, they perform better, are more likely to exert extra effort at their jobs, and are less likely to quit."

For the January 31st virtual meeting, we will discuss what other CHROs are saying about their 2020 priorities, and dive into the notion of how employee experience can become elevated to human experience as a next practice. Our situational learning case study will focus on Wegmans, and how they have built a culture of loyalty for employees and customers. Special guest Tom Sondergeld will walk us through how employee health and well-being has become a huge component of employee satisfaction at work, and what leading edge employers are doing to stand apart from their competitors.

After considering calendar alternatives for the in-person March meeting, we have settled on Thursday, March 26 in Scottsdale, AZ, immediately following the conclusion of the Annual Conference. Beginning with a CHRO Next Board luncheon, and concluding with a group dinner, this gives us our best options for guest speakers and new board members. It also gives you another reason to attend the Annual Conference, and optimize your T&E resources.

The March 26 meeting will feature special guest CHRO Cindy Ballard, who will share her career journey--and also facilitate a case study on "activist investors". Chief Research Officer Kevin Martin will engage the Board in a presentation on the "new talent ecosystem" that is being well-received by CEO and CHRO audiences around the country.

We urge you to make sure you have confirmed attendance for the January 31 and March 26 meetings on your Outlook calendar, register for the Annual Conference (optional) and make your room reservations with the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel. If you need assistance, please reach out directly to Marianne Menta.

Looking forward to a great year!

Mark Englizian