Thanks for your participation in the two Board meetings we held ont Thursday, September 17th. Below, please find a summary as well as links to specific recordings: 

  • This virtual meeting replaced what was to be our fall in-person meeting. As such, we started with a panel discussion with representatives from each of i4cp’s Boards to cover the topic of “Addressing Racial Inequities”. Clint Wallace (Sanofi) admirably represented our Board in this discussion. Highlights from the panelists included (1) a focus on leadership training and development, (2) the necessity of aligning pay with goal achievement and (3) a reminder that “Diversity is an fact, inclusion is an act”.
    • The audio of the discussion is here. 
  • In the afternoon session we transitioned to the CHRO only Board. We started with a brief discussion about the new SEC ruling on human capital disclosure. It seems as if many companies are not focusing on this yet in a big way… maybe still processing and thinking about what they need to do and/or preparing to do so in the upcoming proxy cycle. We then shifted to discuss key takeaways from the morning all-Board session on “Addressing Racial Inequities”. For the group there was agreement that improving the skills of leadership in this area, utilizing ERG’s, and aligning incentives are all critical to making sustainable changes in the workplace. We also discussed the new SEC regulation on human capital reporting and how diversity reporting would factor into this new requirement. (see Additional Materials Part 1)
  • We then transitioned to the latest progress from the “Future of Work” working group has been engaged in. As a reminder, the members of this working group are Dave Gartenberg, Loren Heeringa, Lisa Manzone, Felicia Pryor, and Judy Zagorski. The group has identified several areas to focus on, two key ones being “Systematically Addressing Racial Inequity” and “Strategic Work Planning in the era of continuous disruption and advanced automation”. Kevin Martin reviewed the approaches that Cisco and Tata are pursing, and also challenged the board to reimagine their talent supply chains.  John Boudreau provided additional insight; insight that will be the feature of our Dec 4th CHRO Board (virtual) meeting.   ( see Additional Materials Part 2)

We ended the session with a discussion around research the Board would like i4cp to pursue. The areas of interest expressed by our Board are listed below:

  1. SEC reporting changes - Research external reporting of human capital metrics / targets and trends by country/industry, including the maturity curve of metrics disclosure over time.
  2. Burnout and wellness - Working remotely is causing mental health issue due to lack of social interactions and travel. What is the company’s role in mental health and what are the most meaningful interventions in getting through this time?
  3. Leadership changes in a hybrid environment - How does productivity and effectiveness of remote work get measured, and what leadership practices are most effective in this area?
  4. HR Business Partner of the future – As our client's skills are changing, our HR skills must change. What are the changes that are required, how do we implement these changes and also continue to take care of our own teams?
  5. Research the effectiveness of D&I learning / experience - There is a lot of noise in the market about the lack of effectiveness of unconscious bias training. What is the most effective content / delivery / follow-up / reinforcement formula that delivers the best result at various levels within the organization (Executive, Middle Mgt, Front Line Leadership, etc.)? 

Upcoming events: 

  • Our final Board meeting of the year is on December 4th at 8:00 PT/11:00 ET. 

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or any feedback to continuously improve our meetings. 

Take care, stay well and we look forward to seeing you (virtually) at the annual i4cp conference and at our December 4th Board meeting.



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