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HRCI Webinar: How to Prevent M&A Disasters by Focusing on People and Culture

Most of the time when an acquisition doesn’t work out, you hear the same refrain: “It wasn’t a good culture fit.” Yet “culture fit” is rarely explored at the outset of M&A transactions; it’s almost always about the business fit. History—and now brand-new research—has shown that company culture should be one of the first items taken into consideration when acquiring an organization.  

In the Institute for Corporate Productivity’s most recent study on HR’s role in M&A, we take a look at the common mistakes that are made in most merger and acquisition processes and what high-performance organizations do to make them successful. 

We invite you to join i4cp Chief Research Officer Kevin Martin in this webinar as he presents the latest research findings on: 

  • What HR can do to help ensure M&A success
  • What constitutes effective M&A
  • Why HR needs to be involved in the M&A process
  • And more

Register here.