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Daiichi Sankyo's Employee Work-Life Harmony 10/27

The team at Daiichi Sankyo believes that being the best for patients starts with taking care of the employees' well-being. They turned employee insights from an internal employee engagement survey into action through WeTHRIVE, an initiative aimed at evolving ways of work and improving employee work-life harmony.

MaryBeth Forte, Executive Director, Total Well-Being and Lauren Mutz, Director of Employee Experience and Engagement, both from Daiichi Sankyo, will join us for this installment of Getting Hybrid Work Right. Mutz and Forte will share what they learned after the launch of WeTHRIVE—a program aimed at addressing challenges and creating meaningful change for employees, which included:

  • Adjusting core hours, and committing to "Focus Fridays" and “No Meeting times”
  • Conducting design thinking sessions with cross-business participants to understand root causes and brainstorm meaningful solutions
  • The creation of a 3+ year well-being roadmap aimed at gradually introducing one decisive action/behavior at a time  
  • How to shift culture by focusing on something that happens gradually - day over day, month over month... 

The #1 insight we continue to uncover in this series is that there is no magic approach for how to approach hybrid work, or the dynamics. There are small steps that can be taken -- together- that can make a big impact.

Join your peers—HR leaders and other business executives—this session is going to be inspiring.