Next Practices in Succession Management

At the August meeting, we continued to explore i4cp’s recent research on Next Practices in Succession Management.  We discussed how the following questions are being answered in your organizations:

When you think about Succession Management and the three major impacts on business in 2020 (pandemic, related economic crisis, and re-calibration of race relations)

  • What will remain the same regardless of these external changes?
  • What have been the immediate impacts on your succession and talent management strategy and related actions?
  • What is under discussion as a possible change but not yet adopted?
  • Have you seen a shift in what is emphasized in selecting candidates (better at growth…more resilient, quicker to adapt, etc. from pre-COVID)

We also discussed these questions and their role of Strategic Talent Reviews in the Succession Management process and how High-Performing Organizations are answering these questions.

i4cp Executive Advisor – Kevin Wilde hosted a panel of i4cp members and guests that are using innovative practices to help their companies better prepare their leaders.

i4cp Senior Research Analyst – Tom Stone shared recent Pulse Survey Updates on the Succession Management research he presented earlier this year.

Please check out the recently released Infographic on Measuring Succession Effectiveness that was developed as a result of the recently i4cp study on Succession Management.

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