The employee experience has been turned upside down in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, and HR leaders are working to maintain an empathetic approach as we redesign what the "new normal" will look like, whether we continue working from home, return to our workplaces, or even have to make cuts. We'll discuss how organizations are measuring employee experience and redesigning their approach to best support the diversity of employee experiences during in this new environment.

Call Agenda:

·       Review the results of the Employee Experience Survey to gauge the range of maturity of employee experience work, learn how our peers are defining employee experience, see which functions are responsible for delivery, and explore avenues for resourcing this work

·       How have our priorities and approaches to employee experience changed in light of the Coronavirus pandemic?

·       How are organizations gauging employee sentiments and experience during this pandemic?

·       What actions are being taken to create a sense of support/normalcy during this time for employees that are stretched with new realities working from home?

·       What are the core elements of employee experience strategies?