Exchange Hero EWB JUN 7 2023

Prioritizing Well-being & Flexibility in a Hybrid Workplace - Employee Well-Being Exchange

According to i4cp’s Report: Flexibility or Flight: Hybrid Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent, high-performance hybrid work requires flexibility—not rigidity. 

In this meeting, Employee Well-being Exchange members shared how their organizations are rethinking their approaches to flexibility to improve collaboration, productivity, and well-being.

Top 4 Highlights

Flexibility pros and cons. Organizations that offer flexibility experience benefits like access to more diverse talent pools and improved their employees’ well-being. However, it has also decreased connections across the organization and left many feeling alone. Listen to Rob Cross share more about the challenges and opportunities with hybrid work in this interview.

Think creatively. Land O’ Lakes shared two examples of how they’re bringing a flexible mindset to work arrangements. Explore their Flexible Mindsets tool and listen to their Creative Solutions for Scheduling Shift work approach in the deck (more resources coming shortly). For more inspiration, read about Daiichi Sankyo’s WeTHRIVE program.

RTO is coming back. Return to Office, or RTO, is an upcoming trend we’re seeing in i4cp’s data and from members in the meeting. Check out the Flexibility Options and Employee Input for Hybrid and Remote Workers Benchmark to see what other organizations are doing.

Be prepared with the why. In The Last 30, we discussed that employees who experience strong RTO recommendations or mandates are going to wonder why things need to change. Is productivity down? Is there a real or perceived inequity? Review the data from i4cp’s Productivity Reboot study and explore the article Is Flexible Work Fair? as you consider the best option for your organization.

HR leaders from i4cp's People Analytics Board are asking the following questions as they consider RTO policies:

  • What are general attendance trends?
  • Is there a difference in attendance by demographics?
  • What are the biggest influences of office attendance?
  • What are some things that don't influence office attendance?
  • What is the manager's impact on team attendance?
  • How is the work model affecting network analysis?
  • How is the work model affecting the environment?
This meeting is exclusively for members of the Employee Well-Being Exchange. If you'd like to participate, please contact us to see if you qualify. If you are an i4cp member, please log in to access the registration/meeting details.
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