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5 Outcomes for Connected Hybrid Work - Connectivity & Collaboration 2023 Curriculum

Since the pandemic, most companies continue to struggle with the shift to a distributed workforce. In parallel, U.S. productivity rates have fallen.

Join the first meeting of 2023 to explore and understand how the dynamics driving the next world of work require both organizations and individuals to grow new capabilities to achieve the five critical outcomes necessary to succeed in a hybrid environment.

Featuring: Michael Arena, Author of Adaptive Space; and Greg Pryor, Connected Talent Program Lead


  • How three critical drivers will change the future of work, the workforce, and the workplace forever
  • How the psychological narrative of a generation of workers is influencing the way they see and respond to the future of work
  • Why so many organizations are failing to attract workers back to the office, and the elements of an engaging and effective framework that could be the answer  
  • The five key outcomes required to succeed in a connected hybrid environment


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This event is approved for certification credits.