DEI NEXT PRACTICES: Allstate is Disrupting the Status Quo 9/22

Setting diversity goals can be difficult, but to be effective, the team at Allstate believes diversity goals must align with business goals and be integrated into business practices, policies and processes. Eloiza Domingo, Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Inclusive Diversity & Equity Officer for Allstate Corporation joins us for this installment in our DEI Next Practices series.

Eloiza is responsible for building Allstate’s strong foundation and culture of Inclusive Diversity & Equity and is currently working to shape a multi-year IDE plan to create an enduring impact inside and outside of the company, which also includes Allstate’s approach to things like investments and supplier diversity.

Join us to hear why Eloiza wants “business leaders to understand that diversity data is not scary,” and isn't risky for companies, "unless they don’t do anything about it.” 

Inclusive Diversity & Equity is a core value at Allstate. Attendees will hear how Allstate is empowering employees, taking a stand alongside peer organizations, investing in communities, working with diverse suppliers to help advance equity, and facing the challenges of pushing past risk aversion and legal challenges by doing the right thing to advance DE&I initiatives.

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