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Culture Renovation™ Conference Workshop: A Blueprint for Action

The majority of organizations have or are going through a major culture transformation, but new research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) shows that only 15% of culture change efforts are highly successful. Based on insights collected from professionals at more than 5,000 organizations worldwide—including 348 companies that report successful transformations—the study reveals the leader and HR actions that drive healthy change.

Join us for this interactive, two-day session that looks at three equally critical stages of a massive renovation and the 18 research-based actions that leaders and HR can take to have the greatest positive impact:

  • Plan - how to listen to your employees, identify aspects of your culture you want to keep, and define new behaviors you want to see.
  • Build - how to clearly communicate the coming change, ferret out skeptics early, establish a co-creation mindset, and provide training on desired behaviors.
  • Maintain - how to execute actions to ensure structrual soundness and longevity, renovate existing talent programs to refinforce the new culture, and monitor and measure success.

Registration for the workshop is currently associated with the i4cp 2020 Next Practices Now Virtual Conference; please sign up for the conference or modify your existing registration if you wish to participate. If you want to sign up for the workshop but not for the conference, please contact us.