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Connected Talent Business Leaders Workshop

Research shows that accelerating talent transitions drives innovation, efficiency, retention, inclusion and belonging and ultimately organization agility. As we move into a new world of work, practices that accelerate a connected workforce can deliver unexpected and often unrealized benefits. 

In this Connected Talent Business Leaders Workshop, participants learned the practical strategies presented in the HBR cover story – How to Succeed Quickly in a New Role directly from the authors. We covered the nine principles in initiating, engaging, and refining their networks in new roles. On this call, we will explored:

  • Calculating the ROI of employee transitions
  • How networks can help improve retention and engagement 
  • Fast Mover strategies to initiate, engage and refine one's network

Participants took time for a self assessment to identify opportunities to improve their networks.

This meeting is exclusively for i4cp member organizations. If you'd like to participate, please contact us to see if your company qualifies for membership. If you are an i4cp member, please log in to access the registration/meeting details.
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