i4cp Connected Commons Fall 2019 Summit: Inclusive Leadership

Our community of people leaders from HR, learning, talent, and analytics will convene at the i4cp Connected Commons Fall 2019 Summit in the heart of historic Williamsburg, Virginia. We will travel back in time to learn how social networks shaped the future of our free world before zooming forth into the future of social networks to knit healthy and thriving organizational communities and unlock hidden talent. 

Join us on this learning journey to discover how social networks can amplify leadership capabilities and drive more inclusive behaviors. The Summit will feature a mix of multi-disciplinary presentations, community panels, and imaginative networking opportunities. 

 At this Summit, you will: 

  • Preview emerging discoveries in employee well-being and team agility.
  • Hear from industry leaders and academic authors, who are supporting an inclusive and healthy workplaces and communities  
  • Learn from our own Connected Commons members who are pioneering these concepts in their organizations ~ 
  • Explore Colonial Williamsburg and learn about the social networks that shaped our history ~ Celebrate and network with your peers and thought leaders in the HR space