Beyond Collaboration Overload - Business Leaders Workshop

Was the pandemic to blame for always-on work contexts or was it always there? A record number of employees have experienced burnout in the past two years and rather than increase productivity, innovation, or engagement, it has negatively impacted performance. We have also uncovered that working collaboratively consumes 85% of employees' time and is drifting more outside of normal working hours.

The conventional way of thinking about teamwork and collaboration has created the wrong kind of collaboration, which has done more harm than good for performance, health and overall well-being. How can organizations collaborate in a way that is more effective for the company and employees?

The Beyond Collaboration Overload Business Leaders Workshop will explore how to apply the principles of effective networking and learnings from business executives and HR leaders to revolutionize the way we collaborate.

Join us to:

  • Uncover the three principles that make high performers 18-24% more efficient than their peers
  • Learn how to impose structure in your work and eliminate non-productive collaboration
  • Alter behaviors to create more efficient collaboration strategies

We will share a personal assessment to help you identify blind spots and opportunities for improvement.