Acquiring Talent from New Labor Pools Flash Call

U.S. unemployment is at historic lows, and new data from human capital research firm the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) found that only 14% of companies report they have the talent needed to achieve current and future objectives. The talent shortage is very real, and there’s not a lot of confidence on the part of employers that they’re positioned to attract the talent they need. 

What steps are organizations taking to help address this? Specifically, what new talent pools are they tapping into—and how are they doing it effectively? 

As a TA leader who is likely facing such challenges, join i4cp’s vice presidents of talent acquisition Kate Jackson and Ivan Perry and other talent acquisition leaders, for an hour-long, research-based virtual discussion about innovative ways companies are finding sources of new talent. Learn from other companies, build your own personal network, and share your insights.

Kate Jackson

VP, Executive Search - i4cp


Meeting Details

2019 1023 Acquiring Talent from New Labor Pools Flash Call Meeting Recording