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12 Practices & 3 Tools to Ramp Up Onboarding and Reboarding

As the world is grappling with how to return to the workplace, and hopefully, how to soon hire and re-onboard furloughed or laid off staff, organizations have been presented with the opportunity to do things differently—intentionally.

Research shows why it is so critical to rapidly connect talent to an effective social network and how to tailor the onboarding experience, from executives to college-hires, to accelerate time to full productivity, increase long-term retention of top talent, and ramp-up employee engagement and effective collaboration.

This session, led by Rob Cross, founder of Connected Commons and Greg Pryor, SVP of People & Performance at Workday, will highlight research and practical tools the Connected Commons Accelerating Transitions community working group has developed over the last year. Specifically, you’ll learn about the 12 practices that help employees initiate, engage, and refine their social network connections as they transition into a new role and how to make the business case to invest in accelerating talent transitions.

We will unveil the latest improvements to our set of resources and tools to support talent onboarding and transitions.

  • Community Welcome and Introductions
  • Updates on the Accelerating Transitions Virtual Course, with new Facilitator’s Guide and Executive Transitions Playbook
  • Overview of the Accelerating Transitions Value Calculator
  • Case Studies and Discussion with Members