Webinar: Developing Your Frontline Workers, with Walmart's Brian Poland

New research from i4cp and the Aspen Institute has been making waves in the press and elsewhere. Conducted in support of the UpSkill Initiative announced by The White House last year, the research revealed that most employers fail to maximize the business impact of developing this critical worker segment:

  • When frontline workers take advantage of development opportunities, there is a high correlation with market performance
  • But most companies are falling short (73% don't even know who is taking advantage)

We welcome you and your team to join Brian Poland, Director, Lifelong Learning & Talent Development at Walmart, and Kevin Martin, Chief Research & Marketing Officer at i4cp, for this insightful presentation that outlines:

  • Key findings from the i4cp/Aspen Institute research
  • What Walmart is doing to develop its frontline workers
  • Development's implications for talent branding, customer service and succession management

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