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Leading the Way Podcast: Roger Staubach, Executive Chairman, JLL, & Super Bowl Champion

A Heisman Trophy recipient, an All-America collegiate quarterback at the United States Naval Academy, two-time Super Bowl Champion, Vietnam veteran, real estate executive and philanthropist, Roger Staubach elevates accomplishment to a whole new level.   Although Roger’s legacy may be in the sports record books, he also has an equally successful track record in his 47-year career in real estate, which he began working in during his football off-seasons.  During that time, he built the multi-million-dollar Staubach Company, which was recently purchased by global real estate giant Jones Lang LaSalle.

In this week’s radio show and podcast, Roger discusses his leadership philosophies, his core beliefs, and inspiring stories such as how his high school coach, who had so much belief in him, literally set the course of his remarkable career.   He claims “there are no traffic jams on the extra mile” as he emphasizes the payoff of hard work, shares his take on motivation, teamwork and the importance of education.

Roger shares with us his life journey and how he demonstrated a resilient leadership style throughout his career(s).  Roger, nicknamed “Captain Comeback” for a reason, consistently led his teams to success and became the master at overcoming adversity whether it be on the football field or in business. 

This episode of Leading the Way is a “Hail Mary” pass into the end zone and you are sure to score with many takeaways so treat yourself to an action-packed hour of power.

Key Soundbites

  • On working hard – “It takes a lot of unspectacular preparation to get spectacular results.  No matter what you choose to do, you’ve got to work real hard at it. If you really work hard, good things are going to happen – whether you’re an athlete or you’re in business.”
  • On adversity – “Adversity reveals genius and prosperity conceals it.  You find out the best in people when times are tough.  Everyone gets knocked down.  You’ve got to deal with the adversity.  You can’t blame anybody else and you can’t give up on your faith.  You’ve got to work at it and bounce back and fight back.”
  • On customer focus - “ Make sure you do it right, and then the rewards follow.  Sometimes you get your priorities mixed up and you lose the sight that your customer is the only reason that you have that business and you’d better perform for the customer before you benefit yourself.”
  • On leadership/leading by example – “ People look up to see if you’re really living up to the message you’re preaching.  I learned that in the service, as an athlete and in business.  It was instrumental having a lot of expectations from people that I held myself responsible to make sure that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, and they would look up to me.”
  • On teamwork - “ It’s hard to get the right people in the right places working together.  You don’t do things by yourself, and you don’t become successful in business without the great people that are working for you.”

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