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'Leading the Way' Podcast: Pam Iorio, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Pam Iorio, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and former Mayor of Tampa, Florida, knows a thing or two about leadership. Tune in to this week’s podcast as Pam shares her unique insights and valuable leadership characteristics from her book, Straightforward. She expands on the importance of mentorship, the significance of diversity in her mission-led organization, and what it takes for us to make the next generation exceptional.  

In this inspiring podcast, you’ll gain an understanding of how this national organization is doing its part to shape our world for a brighter future for our underprivileged youth.  The podcast delivers a compelling message, a valuable reminder of the importance of being a role model in today’s world.  

Key Soundbites 

  • On leadership – “A straightforward leader is kind, respectful, a good listener, a facilitator who brings out the best in people, who competes without making excuses, a person who treats every single person as important—not just people who can do something for them—a person who is optimistic and positive and forward-thinking, doesn’t dwell on the past but has a sense of history whose able to see patterns of human behavior.”
  • On mentorship – “People who have invested in you, people who have put their own reputations on the line, you don’t want to mess that up. Having another person care about you and spend time with you is a big deal for any of us. If you have it in your heart to care about another human being and if you’re willing to spend the time with that other person, then you will be a great mentor.” 
  • On the next generation – “This country is only as good as the next generation. And we always think we are exceptional, but that exceptionalism ends when we don’t make the next generation exceptional. And that means we have to impart our wisdom, we have to impart our time and our caring heart.”  
  • On training mentors – “As part of our strategic plan, we‘re embedding more trauma-informed training into all of our matches because many of these children have been through traumas. And to understand how trauma affects the brain and affects a young person in their day-to-day behavior is very important for a Big to understand that.”  
  • On making a difference – “I think it’s important for people to value the years where they have a chance to make things happen, either in their community, in their job, in their family…cherish your years of significance.”

About Leading the Way 

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