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Leading the Way Podcast: Diane Lynch, Stephens College

Stephens College is the second oldest women’s college in the nation—one that is intentionally creating strong, brave, independent, and outspoken women leaders such as alumnae Joan Crawford, Paula Zahn and former US Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick. It offers a college experience of global thinking and ethics where the student body understands the world in which they live, how to contribute to it and understands their obligation to do so. And it’s a place where women are empowered and provided with opportunities for success.

Stephens College president Dr. Diane Lynch, our latest guest on Leading the Way, says, “preparation breeds confidence” and at the school they’re breeding the next generation of women in leadership. Listen to this impressive interview filled with insights of innovation, inspiration, and a bright outlook for women in the workplace.

Key soundbites

  • Advice to next generation – “Young people today are gripped by uncertainty. I say to our students, ‘this is the next decision it’s not the last one.…have the tendency to act, to move. You can always make another decision.”
  • On culture – “We prepare women for the lives that await them so they feel free to be their best selves and evolve into themselves. We want to make sure we’re not chasing the curve, but ahead of the curve. We know our students and are ready to be challenged.”
  • On creativity and student focus – “We’ve had students with service animals. And at Stephens College, we only do things we can do better than anybody else. Creating the most pet-friendly campus on the planet, with doggie daycare, veterinary program, and an adoption/foster program, helps create an immediate community and helps build social circles easier and quicker.”
  • On diversity and inclusion – “We have programs to introduce ways to share information about people who are not like them. We created “Diversity with Dianne” so students can talk about race, division, politics, and other conversations in an open, respectful, and civil environment. They learn so much and leave with a deeper sense of inclusivity.”
  • On innovation – “What students needed to know 5 years ago, may not be what they need to learn today. We are always thinking about the next thing. We integrated Design Thinking, which is the next version of innovative best practices. It’s about fast fail, trying and failing and moving forward.”

About Leading the Way

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