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Leading the Way Podcast: David Birzon, CEO Snooze Eatery

Snooze Eatery is one of the fastest-growing food establishments, known for their upbeat, eclectic, and energetic culture. In this podcast, CEO David Birzon shares the company’s success story and what makes Snooze Eatery such a popular and unique breakfast experience. David talks about their growth strategy and how they manage to maintain the same fun and spirited atmosphere in each location.  You’ll hear about their unusual, yet inspiring hiring process and why they look for personal values that align with the beliefs of the company before they focus on skillset.  

Snooze’s vision to “build one great restaurant that makes a difference in people’s lives” is what began the continuous demand for more locations. Birzon claims, “There’s a difference between being a restaurant company that grows and a restaurant growth company.” 

Tune in to listen how they’re making a difference while making it fun!    

Key Soundbites  

  • On rapid-growth strategy – “Develop what I call ‘pipelines for growth.’ You need a fantastic people pipeline, you need a training pipeline, a real estate pipeline, and a pipeline of infrastructure. By having all these pieces seeded we are able to grow rapidly.”  
  • On customer focus – “What makes a successful restaurant is that magical combination of food, ambiance, and people. Our guests are educated about food, ingredients, they watch what they eat. We need to match those expectations every day and they change every day.”  
  • On talent acquisition – “Like a Broadway play, you can spend a ton of money on the set, but if you hire lousy actors, it’s a lousy play. So we hire great people and their role is really to provide a great experience.”  
  • On culture - “We really believe culture is part of our DNA. Culture is not a thing, it’s a thing you do. It’s something that you actively work on every day. It’s something you talk about every day. We never make a decision until we ask the question, ‘what is the impact of this decision on our people and our culture?’”  
  • On employee engagement - “We don’t have an org chart, we have a love chart that goes from top to bottom so that everybody that works for us knows who they are responsible for loving and caring for, and everyone should know who they are getting the love from. Anyone from high up right down to a dishwasher should feel loved and engaged with the business at all times.”  

About Leading the Way  

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