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Leading the Way Podcast: Super Bowl Champion Chad Hennings

Just in time for the Super Bowl, three-time champion and U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Chad Hennings joins Leading the Way to reveal the most effective types of leadership he's encountered across his football, military, and business careers. In this motivational radio show and podcast, you’ll hear from a leader with a unique perspective on solving the identity crisis of our youth, why culture is the number one priority for any organization, and why he feels hiring military veterans gives his business an upper-hand.

Key Soundbites

  • On character – “Character is an identity, and I think character is kinetic. It’s like any muscle group; if you don’t use it, you lose it. And kinetic energy...builds so as you espouse and you exercise those character traits, whether that’s functional or moral character, things like willingness to listen to others, or honesty, integrity, courage, bravery, all these different things, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Character is a choice.”
  • Advice to the next generation – “Firm your identity. The most important thing that a young person can understand is who they are as a person. Preferably a person of character because what we do (as a profession) does not define who we are.”
  • On leadership style – “It does not matter what you do, people are the same and people are consistent in no matter what the walk of life is. So those individuals who were effective leaders, from my perspective, were those that I knew cared about me, that I knew had my best interests at heart, and who held me accountable.”
  • On culture – “Culture is number one in any organization. The number one. If you don’t have the appropriate culture or an impactful culture where your employees can buy into it, where the leadership doesn't just throw principles up on a wall... it’s all for naught.”
  • On leadership development – “I firmly believe that athletics is the best leadership laboratory there is. Where else can a young person learn the skillsets that can translate to what it means to be successful. You learn to be able to play with others, you learn to overcome adversity, overcome injury, how to think strategically, how to think tactically and how to prepare to train to be the best.”

About Leading the Way

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