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'Leading the Way' Podcast: Bob Walker, CEO Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

When it comes to the healthcare industry, agility and the ability to adapt to change quickly is one of the remedies that help sustain a healthy culture. Bob Walker, CEO of Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, shares with us a dose of medicinal advice on the importance of collaboration, clinical-based research, and administering a strong core values system.

In this week’s Leading the Way podcast, you learn how innovation can be life-altering and acquiring world-class talent can be life-saving. You’ll also hear an encouraging perspective from a humble leader that can fill the prescription for success.

Key soundbites

  • On agility – “A lot of things do change, but you’ve got to hang on to core values as your anchor. Then, you must have the flexibility to change with the times. You have to adjust and realize you’re going to have to do things differently in the future than how you have in the past without compromising quality.”
  • On collaboration – “Collaboration is critical. What we do here is considered team-based medicine. Our world-class staff realizes the value of all the other disciplines, respects their opinions, and how they fit into that treatment process.”
  • On strategy execution – “We work with other centers around the country and around the world so we can look at what we’re doing, compare notes, and then continue to develop the best treatment protocols.”
  • On talent development – “We have three different tiers at Scottish Rite University. One is value at the base to fully understand what our core values are and how we can apply them. The next is career development, areas of leadership, and improving clinical skills to support advancement. Then, the third tier is well-being, physical and emotional, to encourage our staff to continue to develop better daily habits and wellness personally in their life, but certainly to influence their work life, too.”
  • On innovation – “Through our groundbreaking research and discoveries made here, we can impact the lives of children all over the world. We identified the first gene related to scoliosis leading to future ways of preventing and correcting these issues through gene therapy. We have historically been involved in developing instrumentation, the leading system used throughout the world for the correction of scoliosis in children.”

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