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'Leading the Way' Podcast: A Peek at 2018 High-Performance Practices

This special New Year’s Edition of Leading the Way is packed full of wisdom, insights and advice from some of i4cp’s expert thought leaders as they highlight some of the key practices to focus on in the coming year.  

Jay Jamrog, i4cp Futurist and Co-founder, shares an insightful viewpoint on what has caused trust to be an integral focus for 2018 and goes on to explain the underlying force that drives the trust gap within organizations. He also shares a few pointers for leadership on how to integrate more trust into the workforce and address the trust gap.  

Kevin Martin, Chief Research & Marketing Officer, shares his expertise for the next leadership practice with what he calls “boundaryless leaders.” He explains the characteristics, why it is so important, and how these high performing leaders in the making can be developed.

Madeline Borkin, Vice President of Memberships, speaks passionately of the importance of focusing on diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the year ahead, with an emphasis on the “I.” She explains in great detail how this crucial practice has a direct impact on the bottom line and the many benefits it has on the entire workforce.

Be sure to stay tuned, and add i4cp’s Leading the Way to your playlist, as 2018 delivers an exclusive array of special guests, including Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, as we continue to lead the way into the new year!  

About Leading the Way  

Leading the Way is a weekly radio show and podcast series that highlights influential business leaders and leading people practices from i4cp. Co-hosted by Emmy award-winning television anchor and radio host, Scott Murray, and i4cp’s Angel Carlton, the show features interviews with respected business leaders from the world of business, sports, entertainment, healthcare and philanthropy.  

The show airs live every Sunday at 4 pm CT on KLIF 570 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the global audience is invited to listen live on   and the weekly podcast debuts on iTunes  or Google Play and the i4cp website the following week.