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i4cp: Many Companies Foresee Expanding Flexible Work Arrangements in the Post-Coronavirus Pandemic Future

New data from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) finds many companies saying they foresee expanding or increasing flexible work arrangements on a more permanent basis, given the changes the coronavirus pandemic has forced them to make in terms of remote work options. 

In a recent pulse survey, i4cp found 54% of 27 organizations indicating as much, with another 15% saying they don’t think they will revisit remote work options in the wake of COVID-19. Another 23% said they don’t know.  Flexible work arrangements

Mark Englizian, senior strategy advisor for the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and chair of i4cp’s Total Rewards Board, expects companies to continue holding off on decisions around extending flexible work options until at least an end to the coronavirus pandemic is more clearly in sight.  

“Approximately half are not willing to commit [to expanding flexible work in the future], and are waiting it out. It’s the conservative approach to managing a workforce, and it’s not surprising.”

Other key findings:

  • Nearly half of organizations surveyed (48%) say the coronavirus pandemic has not yet prompted their organization to change its approach to goal setting as part of their long-term incentive plan design.
  • Given the changes COVID-19 has forced them to make in terms of remote work options, 54% of companies say they foresee expanding or increasing flexible work arrangements in the future.
  • Just over 42% of employers indicate they’re offering full-time employees the option to work part-time if they are parents and also need to focus on homeschooling and/or childcare in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Well under half of organizations say they have made changes to workplace policies that will increase workplace safety and health as employees return to work, whenever that might be.

Download the full survey results—due to the current global health and productivity crisis affecting everyone, i4cp is making all related ongoing research publicly available. 

We also encourage you to visit i4cp.com/coronavirus for other employer resources including discussion forums, next practices, useful resources, and more.