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Holistic Well-Being & the New Corporate Currency

Mark Cuban recently said something I think all organizations need to pay attention to.

“How you treat your employees today will have more impact on your brand in future years than any amount of advertising, any amount of anything you literally could do.”  

I wholeheartedly agree that the decisions made today internally, with a desire to eventually “return to normal,” will indelibly impact the perception of a company externally. It’s an interconnectedness that has always existed but is more visible during this pandemic than ever before, with the well-being of the workforce at stake. We refer to this interconnectedness as The New Corporate Currency, an equation that links Purpose and Culture with Brand.

While well-being was already a top agenda item for most organizations, this pandemic elevates the conversation to new levels. Understandably, all companies are paying far more attention to the health and safety of their workforce today, but also for an eventual return to the workplace. While much of the conversation has been about ensuring the physical wellness of the workforce, the emotional toll may be even higher.

High-performance organizations recognize this and are taking it a step further by focusing on the holistic well-being of their employees – one that combines the physical and emotional/mental elements with the financial, community, career and social aspects. The focus on all six of these elements has never been more important, and our research shows that top organizations are 4 times more likely to emphasize holistic well-being than lower-performing firms, and to understand how that effects their culture and their brand.

To explore this interconnectedness further, and as an extension of our ongoing support for organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce a series of resources and opportunities to explore next practices in employee well-being, cultural health and employer brand. Here’s what you can expect from i4cp in the next few weeks:


The New Corporate Currency Study – debuts April 23
As we plan for an eventual return to work, executives need to recognize that the glue that holds organizations together is not the corporate headquarters or physical offices. It’s the more invisible qualities of purpose, culture, and brand. This new study explores the strength, health and interconnectedness of these three elements and how they will impact the successful emergence from this pandemic more than any office setting could ever do.

Next Practices in Holistic Well-Being Webinar – April 28
Get a preview of i4cp’s new research into how high-performance organizations embrace a holistic approach to employee well-being and why it’ll be even more critical in a post-COVID world. i4cp Chief Research Officer Kevin Martin and Babson professor Rob Cross will present the latest insights and actionable conclusions.

Next Practices in Holistic Well-Being Study – debuts early May
This timely new study highlights next practices of high-performance organizations around the 6 elements of holistic well-being: beyond physical and mental health to the importance of the financial, community, career, and social aspects. The study also features case studies on companies such as Genentech, Humana, and Nationwide.

Employee Well-Being Virtual Meeting – May 13
Exclusively for well-being practitioners (no consultants or vendors), this interactive virtual session will enable well-being and wellness experts to engage with each other and explore the application of i4cp’s research findings in organization and communities.

Employee Well-Being Exchange – launches May 27
Building on i4cp’s groundbreaking research and responding to popular demand, we are launching a new group of innovators and decision makers in holistic well-being. This Exchange, which will meet regularly throughout the year, will explore the relational sources of well-being, how personal networks impact this, and the tools to support individual performance and well-being. There is no cost to the Exchange for i4cp and Connected Commons members.

I’m proud of my team in putting together these resources, but prouder of the impact we are making in helping organizations manage through this unprecedented crisis. I’m hoping you and your team can take advantage of our team’s efforts over the next several weeks. Until then, stay happy and healthy.

-Kevin Oakes, CEO

Kevin Oakes
Kevin is the CEO and co-founder of i4cp. He is a world-recognized thought leader on the topics of corporate culture, the future of work, and learning, and is the author of the bestselling book Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company.