Diversity & Inclusion Action Recording: Successful Inclusion Practices at Northrop Grumman - 10/27/20

Northrup Grumman’s Pandemic Responses and Commitment to Social Justice

Featured guest for the i4cp Diversity and Inclusion Action Call on October 27, 2020 was Kymberlee Dwinell, Corporate Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion at Northrop Grumman Corporation, a global aerospace defense and technology firm.

Key Ideas Shared Today:

  1. Practices applied during the pandemic to ensure equity and a positive culture
    • Workplace Accommodations Team oversaw provisions of tools and resources for employees who shifted to work-from-home arrangements
    • COVID-19 Team meets regularly and crafted strict protocols to ensure employee safety for those working in Northrup Grumman facilities
    • Those strict protocols and their enforcement helped relieve employee anxiety about working onsite in company facilities
  2. Social justice activities are centered in organizational commitment and embodied in active participation by company leadership
    • CEO involvement in communications and meetings/discussions about social justice has provided strong support and visibility
    • D&I team has provided training to leaders and others to build their skills in holding courageous conversations
    • Northrup Grumman ERGs (especially African American ERG) have played active roles in dialogues about social justice
    • A Social Justice and Unity Portal underscores the company’s commitments and includes links to make it easy for employees to participate in ERGs and volunteer projects, while links to manager resources offer talking points on leading a culture of diversity and inclusion
  3. As a top employer of choice, Northrup Grumman offers many best practice programs and initiatives devoted to D&I
    • Dwinell maintains an online presence (Ask Kymberlee) and responds to employee questions/issues
    • Cross-cultural resources are made available to sustain global performance, and a biennial diversity conference highlights trends and sets objectives
    • D&I educational resources are available, and a Small Acts of Inclusion initiative provides practical tips to help employees connect effectively with their colleagues

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