Diversity & Inclusion Action Recording: Post-Election Reflection - 11/10/20

D&I Leaders Share Their Post-Election Perspectives

The November 10th i4cp Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Action Call turned the tables by inviting call attendees to take center stage and share their thoughts and feelings in the aftermath of the U.S. election. The conversational format touched on many aspects of D&I leadership.

Key Ideas Shared Today:

  1. The fragility of the moment
    • Points were made about the “lifespan of democracy” and the nation’s fragility at present.
    • Fragility of the voices within organizations was noted, too.
    • The flashpoint of George Floyd’s death gave hope for honest conversations about racial injustice and election of a Black Vice President-Elect further supports that hope.
  2. Effects on CDIOs and other D&I leaders
    • One call attendee noted she sees increasing numbers of D&I leaders leaving organizations, by choice and non-voluntarily.
    • D&I leaders are disheartened because the leaders to whom they report are not following through on the hoped-for actions to address injustices.
    • While emotions run high, said one attendee, she tries to bring people together but questions her own authenticity because she feels compelled to “filter” her own feelings and anger in order to better support D&I efforts.
  3. Other thoughts
    • During the current administration, the D&I ball has been dropped by government, but perhaps picked up to some degree by business organizations that have shown willingness to become voices for change.
    • Competing priorities can challenge business leaders to be true supporters and champions of positive D&I change. Leaders may say they support D&I initiatives, yet the current circumstances in the U.S. support their continued financial and career success, making them unlikely to be uncomfortable with (or wish to change) the status quo.
    • The fact that 70 million voters did not choose change means that great divisions continue to exist and that many of our co-workers and leaders are likely to hold very different views which complicates D&I progress in organizations.
    • “Businesses can set their standards around behaviors, leadership expectations and culture inside their walls, even virtually. We may not be able to change minds, but we can create opportunities for people to hear others’ experiences to learn more and demonstrate empathy and inclusion.”
    . . . .

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