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Survey Results: Will Delta Derail Return to the Office?

With the Delta variant surging across the U.S and across the world, plans are having to change rapidly. The return to the office is no different, companies' plans are constantly in flux as new reports come in and the variant continues to spread.

i4cp’s recent pulse survey that explores the impact of the Delta variant on return to office plans, employee vaccine mandates, and more. As you know, i4cp has been studying the business impact of COVID-19 since February 2020, and the results of this latest survey make clear that the situation remains volatile:

  • Over 50% of companies are now mandating or considering mandating vaccines for employees—up from ~8% just a month ago
  • Nearly three quarters (73%) have adjusted or are considering adjusting their return-to-office plans due to Delta
  • 67% said overall health and well-being of employees is one of their most pressing returns, which is driving this sudden shift