People and culture insights to drive high-performance organizations.

i4cp’s portfolio of surveys, assessments, and development opportunities provide you and your HR team with actionable tools to apply the next practices discovered through our research.
Culture Renovation

Create a Powerful Culture

Culture Renovation® Assessment

Audit your culture by comparing employee views of current practices to aspired-to values, using i4cp’s Healthy Culture Index™ research.

Culture Renovation® Master Business Course

Create a customized action plan to renovate your culture. Take our self-paced program, based on the bestselling book.

Employee Connectivity

Drive Intentional Employee Connections

Agility Accelerator

Quickly visualize and analyze your team’s collaboration to better identify critical workflows.

Connected Talent

Discover the practices and tools to develop personal networks that accelerate employee onboarding, promotions, and transitions.

HR Leader Development

Upskill Your HR Team

Up Next Cohort

Develop CHRO readiness capability through core content, speakers, research, and network building.

HRBP Development Assessment

Identify and address existing strengths and development needs for individual HRBPs.