With potential disruptors competing for talent and quickly changing the business landscape, you need help to see what’s coming around the curve—and what your organization needs to do about it now.

i4cp’s executive Boards bring together research and forward-thinking leaders to discuss, debate, collaborate, and anticipate trends and next practices in HR in order to make more informed business decisions—and to guide you along the most effective route.

The Chief HR Officer Board is reserved exclusively for the senior-most HR executive in organizations. It is designed to serve as a true Board of Directors for the function and ensure its members are in the driver seat of organizational innovation.

Benefits of joining the Board


Anticipate and act on trends before your competitors

With exclusive early access to cutting-edge research by i4cp, you’ll be the first to understand new trends, identify next practices, and implement innovative new strategies that will enhance the ability of HR to drive market performance.


Be the voice of the industry

Drive i4cp’s research on issues that range from talent, leadership, and culture to strategy execution and customer focus. Have a voice in the most cutting-edge research that affects your function and the human capital within organizations.


Build your network

Be a part of an exclusive, collaborative group dedicated to progressing the field of human resources. Build a strong personal network of senior leaders facing the same challenges you are.


Develop yourself

Board members discuss and help each other transform research into practice. Learn from your peers, gain new insights through research, and further establish yourself as an industry leader.

Our focus this year

Building off its extensive global study of more than 1,800 organizations on the topic of organizational and leadership agility, the Chief HR Officer Board will focus on practical application of the research findings to develop strategies and initiatives to reinforce agile leadership, cultures, and organizations. Specifically, what is HR’s role in directing organizational agility, and how can companies best build and reinforce agile leadership and practices?