In an era of fierce talent competition, regulatory changes and rapidly evolving business landscapes, chief people officers in Australia require a competitive edge—a way to see beyond the curve and navigare the challenges ahead.

For over a decade, i4cp's CHRO Board in the U.S. has empowered visionary people leaders to anticipate trends, drive People Officer Board, in partnership with Todd Warner of Like Minds Advisory.

The Australian Chief People Officer Board is reserved exclusively for the most senior HR executive in organizations. This peer working group is designed to serve as a true Board of Directors for each participating leader and provide a safe and confidential environment to challenge conventional thinking and drive further organisational innovation.

Benefits of joining the Board


Anticipate and act on trends before your competitors

Gain an unrivaled advantage with exclusive early access to i4cp's global human capital data and cutting-edge research. Recieve unique insight into next practices, emerging trends, and innovative strategies that impacr market performance.


Shape the Future of HR in Australia

Sieze the oppurtunity to drive i4cp's groundbreaking researcg on critical issues ranging from talent and leadership to culture and generative AI—with a distinctly Australian lens.


Build your network

Forge invaluable connections within an exclusive, collaborative group dedicated to progressing the field of human resources. Join forces with senior leaders who face similar challenges, all within an environment free from vendor influence or consultancy agendas.


Develop yourself

Elevate your skills, knowledge, and reputation through dynamic discussions that transform insights into practice. Learn from your peers, gain new fresh, and further solidify yourself as an industry leader.

Our Focus This Year

Building on i4cp's recent global studies on healthy cultures, productivity, and generative AI, this Board is focused on HR's role in preparing the business—as well as structuring the HR function—to most effectively anticipate, adapt, act on rapid change and disruption.

Core to this Board's agenda is identifying and understanding the intersection of strategy, culture, leadership, and talent, as well as where the HR function is best positioned to enable the organization to meet its strategic talent requirements so that it will achieve its business objectives.