4 Takeaways from Weekly Talent Acquisition Action Calls: COVID-19 Business Response


Guest: David Nason, Co-founder of Hirebrain 

1. Virtual interview vendors in use by call participants:

  • HireVue (high end, relatively expensive)
  • Zoom
  • CoderPad (Technical Interviewing - Virtual White Board)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • WebEx
  • RIVS - Interview Stream
  • Skype
  • VidReach

 2. Current concerns: We need people to be engaged and productive even if they aren’t actively recruiting

  • Three current tracks of thinking:
  •  Health/Wellness/Safety
  •  Short-term response
  • Help Hiring Managers to adjust
  • Some companies are still in full recruitment
  • Some companies are redeploying into crisis management
  • Share the forecast for hiring with the team
  • Question to ask:
  • Is the project something that can be done at home?
  • Can/should the project be delayed
  • What are we doing every day to be productive?
  • Long-term strategy
  • What can we do today to make a long-term impact? 
  • Design Approach 
  • What’s the full map look like?       

3. Virtual Onboarding

4. Interns

  • Orgs are asking if now is the right time to bring on interns
  • It’s unlikely that the interns can go somewhere else
  • Take things case by case
  • Aiming to not cancel; may switch to virtual
  • Maybe start virtual and transition
  • Maybe keep everyone virtual
  • Questions: What are the student’s needs? Can the student afford to wait? Can the student get credit for virtual?
  • Hiring managers developing virtual onboarding plans
  • 10-week internship to shorter plans (6 to 8 weeks)Front end of program virtual; second part of the program is where you get the cultural component               


Topics covered during the first talent acquisition-focused call included:

Interviewing issues
•Is anyone making offers without site interviews? 
•Accommodations for hires without video technology (video loops, WebEx, limit on-site interviews)
•How do we transition to virtual interviews?
•Share video call best practices with candidates ahead of calls (Zoom, WebEx works)
•How do we ask about health risk of interviewees?
•Create boilerplate questions to ask all candidates to avoid stereotyping concerns
•Ask candidates about their comfort level with coming onsite
•Hiring Events Onsite? Orgs are experiencing lower turnout rates
•Emailing directly about precautions and offering alternatives to in-person interviews 

Contractors & Vendors
•What’s the impact when working with RPOs? Other vendors?
•Opportunity to do proactive, real-time coaching
•Candidate sensing from vendors

TA Teams
•Are you providing recruiter education on coronavirus?
•Provide pre-screening questions
•Capture questions (i.e. Google Doc) from vendors/ candidates to respond with accuracy and alignment
•How do we handle contractors for TA?
•Deep dive sessions and ensure they know how to comfortably address these questions

Campus Recruiting
•Impact to college recruiting?
•Internal hires?
•Accommodations for hires without video technology (video loops)
•Pull out of on-site job fairs and interviews at college campuses
•Alternatives to recruit college students?
•Adjustments to seasonal hiring impacted (i.e., delay to a summer timeframe)?

•Messaging around caring for the health, safety, well-being of the workforce (asking what people feel comfortable with to show understanding with candidates)

•Candidate background checks and workarounds?
•Facing delays in background checks that could delay hiring
•Onboarding? How are supporting the initial networking touchpoints for new hire onboarding?
•Re-evaluate workforce planning needs to drive recruiting strategy
•Other impacts of remote work?

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