i4cp Launches First Market Research Panel Dedicated to High-Performance Organizations

New survey panel for human capital professionals focuses on the next practices of high-performance organizations

Seattle, WA (July 20, 2010) - The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) announced today that it has officially launched WorkforceSurveys.com, the first market research panel dedicated to the best and next human capital practices of high-performance organizations. Human capital and HR professionals are invited to join the growing panel to participate in workforce productivity surveys, receive free human capital research, and participate in the innovative practices that drive many of the world's most successful corporations.

Here's how it works. By completing a free registration, panelists of WorkforceSurveys.com receive regular e-mail invitations to participate in exclusive industry surveys - which are typically completed by many of the world's best known organizations - on critical human capital topics. In exchange, all panelists are provided with a private pre-release of the preliminary results report produced by i4cp's analysts, and have the opportunity to comment on the results in the WorkforceSurveys.com community. Panelists will also have the opportunity to attend exclusive webinars conducted on the most critical and thought-provoking research topics conducted throughout the year, and a free subscription to i4cp's highly acclaimed TrendWatcher publication, providing in-depth analysis of the most interesting human capital trends uncovered by i4cp's analyst team.

"WorkforceSurveys.com is a great way for human capital professionals to receive the latest ground-breaking research at no cost, in exchange for simply responding to surveys on behalf of their organizations," said Jay Jamrog, SVP of Research at i4cp. "Through years of longitudinal studies and in-depth analysis of what drives productivity, i4cp has the business community abuzz with our Five Domains of High Performance Organizations. WorkforceSurveys.com gives companies of all sizes the opportunity to participate and benefit from our continued research into these domains and the workforce issues they are built upon."

i4cp is the fastest growing and largest corporate network focused on the practices of high-performance organizations. Through years of research, i4cp analysts have discovered the five key human capital domains that companies leverage to drive performance.
WorkforceSurveys.com members not only support this research but get access to content that is otherwise member-protected. i4cp corporate members have exclusive access to additional analysis, interactive tools and i4cp's highly acclaimed peer community.

HR professionals and others with a vested interest in human capital initiatives are invited to join WorkforceSurveys.com.

No personally identifiable information is revealed as a result of participating in i4cp research. i4cp will never sell contact information to third parties.

About i4cp, inc.

i4cp is the fastest growing and largest corporate network focused on the practices of high-performance organizations. Through a combination of peer networking, human capital research, tools and technology, we enable high performance by:

  • Revealing what high-performance organizations are doing differently
  • Identifying best and next practices for all levels of management
  • Providing the resources to show how workforce improvements have bottom-line impact

With more than 40 years of experience and the industry's largest team of human capital analysts, i4cp is the definitive destination for organizations seeking innovative ways to improve workforce productivity. For more information, visit http://www.i4cp.com/

Erik Samdahl
Erik is the head of marketing at i4cp, and has nearly 20 years in the market research and human capital research industry.