i4cp Launches New Real-Time Customizable Research: Interactive Data

New offering allows companies interactive access to i4cp’s research data

Seattle, WA (May 28, 2009) – Getting the precise information corporations need to manage their workforce productivity just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of the latest innovative offering from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp). Today i4cp announced its new Interactive Data functionality, which allows i4cp members unprecedented access to the underlying data in i4cp’s human capital and workforce productivity research. More importantly, the Interactive Data functionality gives member companies the ability to directly filter and benchmark their organization against specific industries, company sizes, job levels and more through i4cp’s Web site. This functionality allows member companies to customize research i4cp conducts in real time to the specifications that are of interest to that organization.

With Interactive Data, the strength of this new functionality comes in its ability to quickly and easily reveal gaps among industry sectors, management levels and high- and low-performing organizations, allowing companies to benchmark against the norms to see where they are succeeding and, more importantly, where they’re not. This gives i4cp member companies the tools they need to better analyze and understand specific human capital challenges such as employee engagement, performance measurement, workforce productivity and hundreds of other related issues.

“Opening up our research data is something we feel provides unique value to our members,” said Kevin Oakes, CEO of i4cp. “Most other research organizations keep the data they collect close to the vest, and you typically have to trust their interpretation of it. In our private, no-vendor, no-consultant network, we aren’t as burdened as other organizations are with the data we collect.

“The Interactive Data functionality really puts the power of this open data construct in the hands of our members,” Oakes continued. “And with it, the research we collect can uncover some very interesting differences. For instance, i4cp’s recently conducted quarterly measurement of workforce productivity expectations, the Productivity Confidence Index, revealed that most CEOs and upper-level management expect productivity to increase substantially over the rest of 2009. However, this is in stark contrast to the feelings of lower-level management, who aren’t nearly so confident. With Interactive Data, a company can filter against these findings with industry, demographic and other selectable criteria and customize the data beyond what i4cp or any of our competitors typically report.”

The biggest value of Interactive Data comes from comparing high-performing organizations with low-performing ones, which consistently reveals large gaps in the ways companies see their employees and measure performance, among other things. While i4cp provides these high-level findings already, Interactive Data drills into the details, offering further insights customized to an individual organization’s needs.

Interactive Data is available immediately to all members of i4cp. More information on Interactive Data and i4cp membership can be found at http://www.i4cp.com/company/interactive-data

About i4cp, inc.

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Erik Samdahl
Erik is the head of marketing at i4cp, and has nearly 20 years in the market research and human capital research industry.