i4cp Launches New Strategic Workforce Planning Resource

New Knowledge Center delivers the insights leaders need to leverage workforce performance that produces results

SEATTLE, WA (April 17, 2009) – Business leaders can’t just hope for success. They have to plan for it. Now they have a new resource at their fingertips to help them gain a competitive advantage when recovery emerges. The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) has created a new Knowledge Center called Workforce Planning – a readily accessible storehouse of advanced expertise on how to create a high-performance workforce.

“You don’t just stumble onto a high-performing organization,” says i4cp SVP of Research Jay Jamrog. “It takes planning, and this is an area where many organizations stink.” Jamrog states, “Our recent research revealed that only about one in four organizations has a formal plan in place that addresses its future hiring needs. That makes our new Knowledge Center timely and compelling for businesses struggling to navigate the economic storm.”

Why is workforce planning a pressing concern for businesses now? With daily tolls of layoffs rising, organizations need up-to-the-minute information on the best ways to ensure that they have the right employees onboard and that they’re working to the company’s best advantage. That means understanding how to attract top talent, how to engage and motivate employees and how to deploy workers in the most effective manner.

“But workforce planning isn’t just about today,” says Jamrog. “It also means understanding what your company is going to look like one, three, five or more years from now. What jobs will be important? Do you already have employees you can train to step into tomorrow’s jobs? Or do you need to bring in outside talent? How will your value propositions shift? How will you serve new markets? Workforce planning is the process that enables organizations to meet their people needs today, while they’re also looking ahead so they can learn how to meet their future people needs, too.”

The Workforce Planning Knowledge Center features an in-depth Information Bank that coalesces the latest research on all aspects of the topic, from emerging trends and forces driving workforce issues to descriptions of the strategies that are working for the world’s leading organizations. i4cp Knowledge Centers feature Highlight Reports that crystallize key concepts and provide a thought-provoking introduction to scores of business topics that drive productivity in today’s workplaces. They also include downloadable PowerPoint® slides that graphically display core topic data and connect users with supplementary resources and i4cp’s dynamic online community of members representing thriving organizations worldwide.

In conjunction with the launch of the Workforce Planning Knowledge Center, i4cp will bring its hands-on know-how to business leaders nationwide through more than a dozen strategic workforce planning workshops to be offered – to members and non-members alike – from May 13 through July 2, 2009. Jamrog will personally conduct these intensive sessions, which are designed to arm attendees with actionable solutions and real-world strategies they can put to work to achieve results in their own companies. Register now at www.i4cp.com/workshops for these space-limited seminars. The i4cp Web site also has information on the new Workforce Planning Knowledge Center, the latest i4cp research projects and the many productivity issues that make i4cp a must-have resource for today’s business leaders.

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