Want To Move Up Quickly? Work For A Smaller Company

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (May 22, 2007) – At most companies, climbing the in-house employment ladder is encouraged, but, according to a recent survey on internal job posting policies, those interested in climbing quickly should work for smaller companies. The survey of 423 companies, conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp – formerly HRI), revealed that 30% of organizations with more than 10,000 employees require workers to have one to two years on the job before they can apply for an internal posting. This compares with 16% and 17%, respectively, for companies with 2,500-4,999 and 500-2,499 employees.

“While it clearly is harder to move up in a larger company than it is in a smaller company, it makes sense for all companies to allow relative newcomers to apply for internal postings,” says Jay Jamrog, Senior VP of Research of i4cp. “Anecdotal evidence suggests that once workers know there are opportunities to take on new jobs, they become more motivated and engaged. This sends a strong message and winds up being an excellent retention tool. Large or small, in today’s environment, where the ‘war for talent’ is becoming more fierce, allowing all employees the opportunity for immediate advancement is critical.”

Around 80% of the responding organizations place no limits on the number of internal job postings for either salaried or wage employees. The survey also found that when an internal posting is made, 81% of polled companies notify managers, and 55% allow managers to select other internal “passive” candidates for an open spot.

Surveyed organizations are split, however, on whether they should post all positions. Overall, about half (52%) post all positions, while the rest post only certain levels of jobs. Again, size can make a difference. In companies with 499 or fewer employees, 60% post all positions, compared with only 30% of those with 5,000-9,999 employees.

The Internal Job Posting Practitioner Consensus Survey was conducted by i4cp in conjunction with HR.com in April 2007.

For more information about this study, or to receive a full copy of the results, please contact Greg Pernula at pernula@i4cp.com or via phone at (727) 345-2226.

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