Upskill with these Generative AI Resources








Who’d find it useful 




Ethan Mollick 

Wharton professor running daily AI experiments. Not on LinkedIn but great highlights are cited there. 

Anyone thinking about future of work, e.g., 56% faster programming, AI for highly skilled jobs. 

World Economic Forum 

Project: Human-Centred AI for HR and Toolkit for HR 

All HR professionals. You can sign up to follow their progress. 

Dr. Philippa Hardman 

Learning Scientist with a newsletter, podcast and course. 

Heads of L&D for the single best summary of learning science. Designers for the AI lessons. 



Josh Cavalier 

Workshops for L&D

Anyone who teaches or designs learning. 

Guide: how to actually use ChatGPT 

Clear advice from a copywriter. 

Anyone looking for a good intro guide. 

The Art of ChatGPT Prompting: A Guide to Crafting Clear and Effective Prompts 

Free or “pay a fair price”.

Anyone looking for a deeper how-to guide 




The CEO’s Guide to the Generative AI Resolution 

From BCG 

CEOs, Execs, and anyone who wants the strategic view. 

IBM’s CEO on AI 

Jon Fortt interviews Arvind Krishna

Outstanding clarity on complex topics. 

Return on AI 

From Service Now. Case studies and research links.

Execs, future of work enthusiasts 

The practical guide to using AI to do stuff 

From Prof. Ethan Mollick (see above) 

Excellent primer on the apps for writing, making images, brainstorming, and coding.