CHRO Action Recording: Maintaining Corporate Culture During a Pandemic with AbbVie's Tim Richmond - 10/30/20


In response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and its unprecedented impact to business and employers, i4cp holds a weekly series of standing calls to help HR leaders navigate this unpredictable time. 

On i4cp’s October 30, 2020 CHRO/HR Strategy Action series call, HR leaders from a wide range of organizations were joined by special guest Tim Richmond, CHRO at AbbVie. He was interviewed by i4cp Chief Research Officer Kevin Martin, with key topics covered including:

  • Culture should not be seen as an HR program; it needs to be embedded in every aspect of the organization. Clarity around culture, i.e. the way we work, etc., is critical.
  • The How of "The AbbVie Way":
    • Articulate a talent philosophy that establishes explicit expectations for all employees
    • Be transparent with those employees about what it takes to succeed at AbbVie
    • Enhance employee culture by promoting diversity and inclusivity
    • Provide talent-development programs to employees at all levels to foster the creativity and advancement of future leaders within the company
  • In 2020, obviously a big focus at AbbVie has been on how to deliver programs and perform other processes and tasks virtually.
  • You need both a strategy on culture and talent, especially when handling a merger or acquisition, but also need to back that up on with rigor and discipline on execution.
  • During the call the following poll question was asked of participants: "Research is showing a range of impacts of the Pandemic as it relates to workplace culture. Of the following, which is most true/relevant to your organization?" Of course many on the call no doubt would have chosen some or all of the five answer options as being true to some degree, but here are the results of what they chose as being most true/relevant:
    • 38% Team members are challenged to maintain work-life balance
    • 22% Team members see clear evidence of commitment to their safety and emotional wellbeing
    • 19% The need for agility challenged us, but also revealed innovation and creativity
    • 16% Authentic leadership is shining through
    • 6% Informal collaborations are suffering

In addition to this recording, please see the i4cp Coronavirus Employer Resource Center for new research and next practices to help address the COVID-19 pandemic.




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