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Domino’s Expects to Hire 10,000 Workers Amid Coronavirus Delivery Surge

Domino’s Pizza expects to hire about 10,000 workers nationwide in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The company is looking for delivery drivers, pizza chefs, customer service representatives, managers and licensed truck drivers for its supply chain centers. The need will vary based on individual stores. The pizza chain has introduced contactless delivery in the U.S. to respond to the epidemic.

Delivery accounts for about 55% of its total orders. The National Restaurant Association is asking the federal government for financial relief for the industry as it forecasts sales declines of $225 billion over the next three months.

On March 19, Papa John’s President & CEO Rob Lynch joined CNBC’s “The Exchange,” where he said the company is also “hiring bigtime” as they lean into their delivery business and expand their workforce to meet demand.

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