Talent is the only sustainable competitive advantage for organizations in today’s evolving business environment, and executives who lead talent acquisition must create strategies that capitalize on disruption. Why? Because staying ahead of volatile change means the difference between having the right talent to win and losing the game entirely.

Succeeding at talent acquisition is not simply an HR issue—it’s a business challenge. Talent acquisition leaders need actionable plans to stay ahead of the competition, and those plans require investments in pivotal strategies to attract, engage, develop, and retain the best talent.

i4cp’s Talent Acquisition Board is reserved exclusively for the most senior talent acquisition leader in organizations. It is designed to serve as a true Board of Directors for the function and ensure its members are in the driver’s seat of organizational innovation.

Benefits of joining the Board


Anticipate and act on trends before your competitors

With exclusive early access to cutting-edge research by i4cp, you’ll be the first to understand new trends, identify next practices, and implement innovative new strategies that will enhance the ability of TA to drive market performance.


Be the voice of the industry

Drive i4cp’s research on talent acquisition. Have a voice in the most forward-looking research that affects talent acquisition and how it integrates across talent development, employment branding, succession planning, and analytics.


Build meaningful connections

Be part of an exclusive, collaborative group dedicated to innovative talent acquisition and the future of work. Build strong personal connections with senior leaders facing the same changes you are.


Develop yourself

Board members discuss and help each other transform research into practice. Learn from your peers, gain new insights through research, and further establish yourself as an industry leader.

Our focus this year

Talent is a business challenge, which means everyone is a recruiter—and everyone is a candidate. The Board explores what high-performance organizations do differently in talent acquisition.

Specifically, the Board researches the components of progressive talent acquisition, technology’s role in the evolution of TA, how to meet the highpriority talent challenge— strategies for attracting, developing, and retaining hardto- find talent—and the increased focus on employment brand and candidate experience. The Board dives into complex topics such as hiring for skills vs. potential in shrinking talent landscapes.