Humana's Director TA: The Tech Evolution

This month's featured guest is Humana’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Kourtlee Gravil. Humana is a Fortune 52 health and well-being company focused on making it easy for people to achieve their best health with clinical excellence through coordinated care. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, they employ approximately 48,000 associates and serve 16.8 million medical members nationwide.

The conversation was facilitated by i4cp’s VP of Member Services, Mark Walker. Here are some highlights and insights from the meeting:

  • Humana continues to be in a growth-mode especially within the to the Medicare space. As the business continues to transform, the talent they are seeking is also changing. They are building talent from within while also improving their external talent pipelines. Humana hires approximately 13,000 people per year, ranging from Call Center Representatives to Medical Directors.
  • Their Talent Acquisition team consists of approximately 130 team members who are spread throughout the country and aligned to each of their businesses. They are supported by a Talent Acquisition Strategy team who specifically plays a role of providing data and analytics as it relates to talent.
  • Beginning in 2019, Humana began to evolve their digital capabilities within Talent Acquisition to increase funnel quality, simplify execution, and improve the candidate experience. Areas of focus included Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), Humana Careers Website, Internal Careers Website, and Recruitment Marketing.
  • While there have been challenges related to implementing the CRM and launching the new career site, the result has been a significant change in Sourcer capacity. Sourcers were previously running at 136% capacity, while now they are trending towards their target of 90% capacity. Additional benefits include a chatbot named “Quinn” who helps answer questions and guides candidates through their journey, improved search functionality, automatic location identification, and job alerts based on candidate interest or skills.
  • Their website, which is one of the most heavily trafficked sites across Humana, also boasts inclusive images because “it’s important to see a community that is ready to receive you.” This aligns with their desire to ensure the website aligns with their new employment value proposition (EVP), emphasizing the culture and benefits of working at Humana.
  • Humana’s TA focus in 2021 is to stabilize their improved technology, enhance their social media presence, and continue to increase recruiter adoption and build “great muscle.”
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